This Campaign for Bacanora Lithium rolls on!

We have more press coverage, and have a good chance of stopping this takeover.

If you agree with our aims, please get in touch and join us!

Won’t most unfortunately want 67.5p a share? It’s currently 56.5p?

So if you bought now that’s still 11p profit for every share held


LTHs probably more pissed about it, cheap for what it is

Long term holders? Not at all.

Only the traders who bought specifically for the takeover.

We don’t know where the II’s stand, yet.

Out of curiosity what price were people after? £1?

My DCF puts this at £7.27


Wow, so about ~11 times undervalued based on what you think it could produce in the future.

Why would Bacanora even consider letting someone else take over for the victory lap?

It’s a very good question, isn’t it!

A lot of companies can be under/over valued, but the Board seem to be recommending this.

It’s not easy uniting over 450 investors, but it certainly was in this instance!

Soon it will come down to a vote. How can I vote “no” @Team212 ?

To be 100% sure you can vote, you want a broker that supports proxy voting and all that jazz.

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Same question, for a different stock trading212 asked me about my vote within the app.

Also, what will happen if the takeover will be done (will get the Zinnwald shares aswell or just a payout for them?)

You get the Zinnwald distribution irrespective of your vote.

We’re still actively campaigning against this offer. There’s over £100 Million in cash on the books, and that should be added to the offer.

We are currently writing letters of over 5,000 shareholders, urging everyone not to vote for this offer.