Baillie Gifford IT

Really good to hear Baillie Gifford China Growth has been added, it’s a huge step forward. If Trading 212?can just add the remaining Baillie Gifford IT’s, then that would appease many long-term investors.

Edinburgh Worldwide (EWI)
Baillie Gifford US Growth (USA)
Baillie Gifford European Growth (BGEU)
Monks (MNKS)

The other global IT missing is Manchester & London (MNL), another very popular long-term Investment. If we could have these and as a fractional option (along with the pre-existing Pacific Horizon) I’ll move my ISA tomorrow


@David let’s do it :+1:t2:

@David Yes please!!!

And fractional to make a nice pie :pie:

Baillie Gifford China was added because they are re-naming it and therefore there was a bit of confusion as to whether it was an IPO or not.
I guess that the rest will have to wait.

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