New Investment Trusts

I’ve been asking for months for some of the popular Investment Trusts to be added:-

Edinburgh Worldwide (EWI)
Baillie Gifford China China Growth (BGCG)
Baillie Gifford European Growth (BGEG)
Pacific Horizon (PHI)
Worldwide Healthcare (WWH)

All of these are now on Freetrade, however some are in their Plus product which isn’t financially attractive for me.

I believe a conscious investment in adding many of the Investment Trusts will be attractive to the long-term investors and help target a different market than the day traders

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Think I’m right saying PHI’s already on the platform, but I could be wrong. There have been quite a few requests for EWI, so hopefully that one can be prioritised. With any luck, T212 can add all the Baillie Gifford ITs before too much longer.

Agree about Feetrade’s ‘plus’ model. It’s a bit of a joke that it can be cheaper to invest in ITs via HL. To my mind, it’s commercial suicide when the biggest competitor’s offering the same for free.