IT’s for Investors

Any news on potential timescales for an upload of more investment trusts, as the T212 is surprisingly poor in this area. There are some really popular IT’s that are missing, which I think would entice more long-term investors to the product and I’m desperate to move my ISA from HL. I’ve asked for months for them but they never materialize. In particular, I’m thinking about:-

Edinburgh Worldwide (EWI)
Worldwide Healthcare (WWH)
Baillie Gifford European Growth (BGEU)
Baillie Gifford China Growth (BGCG)


I agree about a lack of ITs, PCT and USA are other notable examples, although I’m not sure we need multiple threads on the subject. However, I am thinking about moving my Isa to T212 and access to all the Baillie Gifford ITs would make it a no-brainer for me.

I’d like to add F&C Trust to the list.

Ask for garbage IPOs and SPAC for gamblers that it will be added in just few minutes. :slot_machine:


I’m in same boat would move ISA from HL to T212 as really like the product, but can’t without the mentioned IT’s. The multiple posts are because numerous people have requested them, EWI and WWH in particular, but nothing’s happened n months. When they were requested by people on FT they were uploaded almost immediately. I find the lack of communication on here frustrating.

It is really frustrating that most common Investment trusts are not available.Please add the global list from aic UK.