Bank Letter for Card Change

I have had to change replace my debit card before the expiry date. I understand T212 needs a verification letter, seems like my UK bank won’t issue one. Any ideas about what to do then?
If I just link my bank account directly (instead of a debit card), does that work?

Have no intention of withdrawing money, in fact, I’ll be adding more money each month as I start a new job. Just would like to ensure that wouldn’t be a problem.~


I changed couple of times - by mistake I had entered the wrong card for my wife.
After I entered the correct - it mainly need it to be the same name as the owner of the account.
Congrats for the new job :+1:t2:
If you don’t mind asking what was the old one and what is the new?

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Just send an email to and explain your situation.
I’m sure they can help/advise you.

Good luck.

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