RBS changing accounts form Visa to MC

Hi all,

RBS account customers are due to have their cards changed from visa to mastercard at the end of december this year. Iv read all the topics I could find in relation to adding/removing cards that T212 holds on file.
I would just like confirmation of what I think the process will be as I really don’t want to be trying to chase this over christmas and the new year when we all know that most people are not in the office to pick up the phone.

  1. RBS issue new card which invalidates the existing card on file with T212
  2. Once I have the new card I need to validate it with T212 support with 1 picture of my passport and 1 with me holding it as well as a PDF of my bank statement.


2+) The replacement card is treated in the same way as a renewed card would be if it had naturally expired and the system will automatically detect and remove this card allowing me up load the new card details without going through the anti-money laundering checks?

Thank you in advance for any information.

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I’d put my money on Option 1 🤷

Honestly Im expecting that will be the outcome. If that is the case I guess I wont be depositing anything for January 22 :frowning: . No issues with T212 on this just annoying that RBS picked the least productive time of year when trying to deal with these sort of changes.

I’m with santander and the same happened. they send out a brand new card with new numbers on it.

So the issue here is if there is a potential concern with withdrawals right?

I think the answer is no otherwise they wouldn’t do it.

It should work the same as if any card expired. Your funds should still make their way back to the connected account of the expired card.


I can confirm this. My bank, first direct, recently moved to Mastercard too and a withdrawal to my old card arrived in my account. It did take a little longer than usual but it was within 4-5 days.

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Hey, everyone :wave:

That’s indeed an interesting topic, thank you, @Ghomeshaw for bringing it up for discussion.

As a general rule of thumb, in case you request a withdrawal to a card that is no longer active, there are two scenarios that are most likely:

  • The funds will be allocated to the bank account associated with the card, within the usual timeframes;

  • The funds will bounce back to your Trading212 account - in which case, the amount will be added to your account value and it’ll be available for withdrawal once you add a valid payment method.

That said, when the time comes and RBS changes accounts from VISA to MC, each case would be treated on the same grounds as if it would when you remove or add a new card to your account, to ensure compliance with AML.

If necessary, you’re more than welcome to reach out to us via this contact form and our @Team212 will gladly assist you further.


Thank you for the information everyone. AML is a pain but totally justified in today’s world. I’m glad in a sense that this has happened for other people before without a huge issue arising. Iv been with RBS a long time and they have managed to create some pretty weird/ time consuming situations for me in the past just glad this doesn’t seem like it will be one.

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Just think if its a pain in the hoop for a legitimate transaction you want to place, how much of a pain is it for people when is not :rofl: