Banned in Turkey

I’ve come to Turkey and am shocked to find is a banned website. Can’t connect to it, or even the community forum, but can to other UK brokers. A blessing in disguise perhaps, as I could not see my losses in today’s US market sell off!

Why? A Google search reveals that the Turkish government thinks it is one of 32 forex brokers, soliciting clients in Turkey in breach of the Turkish forex regulation rules.

Seems wrongheaded. Can Trading 212 staff fix this by communicating with some authorities?

I can write to you now only because I found a VPN workaround. It’s something to remember you will need if ever you travel to Turkey and want to login.


@Team212, is there any way to fix it?

@Richard.W, does the T212 phone app work?

You’d be surprised how many websites are banned in Turkey, it competes with China. This includes websites like twitter, youtube and even wikipedia :slight_smile:

Its not worth spending time over it.

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Get a VPN now. You’ll be able to manage your stocks tomorrow.

edit: just read that you actually have a VPN. Can you access the app?

oh by the way, I got dual nationality Turkish (you could probably tell that by the gold accounts I mentioned in Turkey)

one thing living in Turkey teaches you is how to use vpn :slight_smile: 80 year old grannies make their grand children install VPNs on their mobiles. it is the new norm :heart:

But banning a website is so easy there, they even ban some VPNs, for example I use Vypr which is now also banned in Turkey.

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Yes, with a VPN the phone app is useable. I just have to hope the VPN continues to work. Yes, Wikipedia is also banned (until January 2020). I choose a VPN pretty much at random from those in the Google Play Store. Has anyone seriously compared them and think one is to be preferred?

I don’t wish to cause undue alarm - just help others know what to do when visiting here. I was feeling disconcerted for a few hours until a Turkish person told me what to do. What a ridiculous policy if working around it is actually so easy.


The authorities apply the restriction. We cannot actually interfere with that, I’m afraid.

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With a current exchange rate of 9 lira to pound you must be living like a king at present lol

Just bought great fresh fish at £2 a kg. But many things are priced in Euros. Villa is £2800 for a week. Most expensive petrol anywhere.


Who the heck bans wiki!?

The ban on Wikipedia was lifted January 2020. Now it can be reached. The previous ban was because Turkey had been described in its pages as a sponsor of ISIS and Al-Qaeda. Turkish courts decided the ban which has begun in April 2017 was a violation of human rights.