Website access denied

I’m not sure what this is, but I hope it’s just a temporary error :sweat_smile: I don’t have active vpns on my computer.

// edit: right now, is working

That’s odd, let me send you a DM so we can take a closer look at this together :face_with_monocle:

Are you using a country-specific VPN, or changed internet providers?..

The website may restrict access from foreign countries (based on your IP address) e.g. USA

If so, turn off your VPN so your IP address is a UK server.
If your internet provider is using USA servers, ask them for a UK IP address, or conversely use a VPN and set the country to UK.

I didn’t use vpn. But after a few minutes, the site is working. Maybe it was something with my internet provider… maybe my IP changed at the same time (Eastern Europe).

I sent the details to Momchil to investigate. Thx

This just happend to me and im not am not able to login .very weird

There’s a DM waiting for you in your inbox. Please have a look at it, and we’ll figure this out :eyes:

Got same error today. Was logging in 2 days before everything worked fine. Haven’t changed internet provider or neither started using any VPN.

Let’s check this together, @Tpovi. I’ll send you a DM shortly :pray:

Same happened to me this afternoon. Not using a VPN, everything was working fine earlier today. The app on my phone has also stopped working!

Let’s check this together, @theoooo

I’ve just sent you a DM :mailbox:

I have the same right now, not possible to log in on phone app and PC!

and it’s working again

We haven’t received similar reports recently, so I’ve sent you a DM to investigate the situation :pray:

im having the same issue right now.

Let’s check this together, @Florian1 - I’ve just sent you a DM :inbox_tray:

I just got back on trading212 after a couple years and I just got the same error. Also doesn’t work from phone which uses same wifi @Momchil.G

Welcome back, @Fabi0 :wave:

I’ll send you a DM shortly so we can take a closer look at the possible cause and find a solution :pray: