T212 and VPN in Indonesia

Hi guys,

A friend of mine wants to use the Trading 212 App for trading and investment in Indonesia. Unfortunately, the app and its service are blocked in Indonesia; if you want to use them there, you have to use the VPN also. I want to ask, if it will be any problem in the future if he uses VPN for trading & investment with T212?


I’m confused, was he able to fill in the sign up forum using Indonesia as his country of residence? And somehow the app is just blocked in Indonesia
Or is trading 212 not available there so he’s using a VPN and lying about his country of residence? Which is a big issue

Nevermind ignore me. Apparently T212 is in Indonesia. I guess yeah you can do it with a VPN. But VPNs can be blocked. Many of them are in China. But I wonder why T212 has been blocked?

I think he is able to register himself with a valid ID. The problem is, international trading apps are blocked in Indonesia. The reason is actually unclear, but I guess that the government doesn’t want to let its residences invest in international (US/GER/JAP/etc) stocks.

But yeah, T212 is in Indonesia.

That’s awful.
I don’t think Trading 212 would do anything in their end but obviously if it’s blocked in your country you could get in trouble

Interesting… but does T212 only offers Indonesian stocks there?
I mean, how they can be there if international tradings apps are not allowed :thinking:

cc @Team212 and @Tony.V

I am currently living in Germany and will go back to my home country (Indonesia) soon. I have some questions regarding my account.

  1. Since I created my account in Germany, do I have to close my account and reopen it when I have arrived in Indonesia if I want to use the T212 service there? Or can I just provide T212 some extra information for that?

  2. I heard from a friend of mine that T212 and some international brokers/trading apps are blocked by the government institution (BAPPEBTI) in Indonesia, and therefore you have to use VPN to access it. But I have seen a website stating that the T212 actually also operates in the country. The question is, is it actually a big deal if we use a VPN for investing? (I am not a trader instead I am a long-term investor). What are the cons if any?

Thank you for your help!