Barclay's USD currency account to fund/withdraw

Anyone here use Barclay’s USD account to fund (or withdraw) your USD Trading 212 account?
If yes, could you let me know what was the actually fees involved doing the activities?
Thank you so much in advance!

FYI, I finally got the link to join after 18 month wait :wink: and now trying to figure out what is the best way to fund my USD account (as a UK person).
I have used Wise usd account for many years and I also have HSBC USD account, was ready to go, but after a little investigation here (THANK YOU for sharing info!) I found out there are some mysterious fees occurring.

  1. you cannot really fund directly through Wise since after $2000 without occurring 0.7% fees, and many having issues withdrawing to Wise? so that’s tossed for me.

  2. I can move btw HSBC and Wise with little fees, so it’s good to go and btw HSBC and Trading212, it’s only 7 USD fixed fees, no problem there. However, I read here that people experiencing £25 unknown charge on top which Trading212 didn’t do, nor HSBC. Apparently it’s Barclays (Trading 212 using) who is using some middleman and that’s where the excess is occurring but no can confirm.

  3. my little brain thought, if I have Barclay’s USD account to fund my Trading 212’s Barclay account, surely there shouldn’t be any hidden/mysterious fees occurring?

Any thought?
or if someone is using other method to fund your USD account, please would you share?