Bed and ISA option ready for April 2025 please

With many of us increasingly wanting to use the T212 Invest account, myself and several friends are preparing our cash for April 2025. working together on growth in the T212 Invest account. Right now we understand we’d have to sell our shares, transfer the cash and then re-buy them. I understand that some organisations offer a ‘bed and ISA’ service to sell and re-buy.

FEATURE - Please consider building this option/feature into the App. It would be a real quality of life improvement, ease concerns over that buy/sell moment, and also provide a cleaner record for HMRC returns.

Thanks in advance.

Two other smaller items:

  1. An option to pay dividends from the ISA on a regular basis. with a direct debit - for those of us wanting to plan and take a regular tax free income from the ISA; and,
  2. Any acceleration in the option to transfer shares from previous year ISA account 'with others; into the T212 ISA S&S - rather than sell and move the cash, sooner than 30 Sept 2024 would be great result. Gutted the date got pushed back.

There have been a couple of requests for bed and ISA functionality before and at least a couple of reasons given why this may not such a great benefit for Trading 212. Firstly most brokers bundle bed and ISA to give you reduced trading fees. As trading 212 don’t charge fees, there’s no real advantage there. The other is that you likely have no control over timing of the second trade .

So you could do both trades yourself and there may be advantages to being able to time these. If you have spare cash (and appreciate that may not be the case) you could even buy into the ISA before selling from GIA.

Having, said that there might be advantages in being able to sell and repurchase shares automatically and as quickly as possible in tandem as one instruction so I can see rationale for the request.