Moving stocks from INVEST to ISA

Currently not a feature that is available.

I made the mistake in putting my positions in INVEST before reaching my ISA limit.

Is a feature allowing transfer of stocks between the two accounts in the making or on the cards in the near future?

HMRC rules do not allow that. Positions must be sold and moved in as cash.

I know it’s not legally possible to do this without selling the stocks first but I know some providers provide a “bed and ISA” feature which automatically sells stocks on the general account and repurchases them inside the ISA using the proceeds. There would be a bid-ask spread cost associated with doing this.

They do this so you only pay one £9.95 fee or whatever rather than 2 x £9.95. Since T212 has no fee, can’t you just sell yourself, move the money across and then rebuy? Or is there some settlement delay before you can move funds from Invest to ISA?

I could. It’s just I would be buying the same stocks at a much higher price which doesn’t sound very appealing.

I didn’t realise there was a legal issue surrounding the transfer.

Thanks for the input all