Transfering Out of T212 to Invest Engine for a year

Hi wondering if you can offer insight. I have an ISA with you and looking to Transfer to Invest Engine as they offer a bonus for accounts with a certain amount in them.

Im reading I need to transfer in species so im still in the market the whole time. Invest engine provide this. But i dont see them on your list of providers. If i did a transfer to them would it be in species? I really don’t want to liquidate into cash and be out of the market.

Second question if i transfer out do i keep my ISA account with you? Id want to transfer out for the bonus, but just keep investing into my isa with you.

Last question. After a year im allowed to transfers out from invest engine to anyone else. Can i transfer back to you in species?

Please let me know! Bit of a complicated thing i’m trying to do for £750 :sweat_smile:

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One thing to check is whether Invest Engine carry all the funds/shares you currently have.
When I looked into it they only supported a tiny fraction of the stocks I held. Mainly as they’re an ETF-only platform.

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I have funds in half a dozen places for historical reasons. One beneficial side-effect is FSCS protection of more money, than if all were in one place.
Then there’s this Indian fund

…which I have at a stodgy old bank with a really slow response. It takes days to switch funds, and there’s a platform fee, and you can’t decide to add a few shares.
But I’m finding that most fund holders don’t have an India fund with a performance anything like that.

Horses and courses.
T212 certainly has some good points.

Thats a pretty good return for 1 year, albeit the market itself returned around 32% average. What’s the long term / fund?

they do. My isa has 1 etf. all in

GIa has a blend of stuff

The fund is Jupiter India. It looks like it has to be leveraged somehow, but though the annual gain is similar to a 3x Indian stock ETP, the dips are nowhere near as low.

For balance, T212 funds are far quicker to deal. If I wanted to sell JI it would probably take most of the week!

I’m not sure Invest Engine has this managed fund. Mine’s at HSBC - tip - don’t go to HSBC, though they probably won’t go bust soon.

No it only holds 78 securities if I have found the right fund, so its stock picks have done particularly well in the past year above market average. I might delve more into it later if that’s a long term track record or almost blind luck.

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Well it’s not exactly a hedge but at least it’s a bit apart from The Mag7.
The “manager” for that fund is an India specialist. Perhaps no coincidence that Indians are running half the biggest companies. etc. The Modi gov looks reasonably stable, I think.

Another which was dong well is Nomura (Eire based so look in “foreign”) Japan Strategic Value, Hedged for GBP. Probably not as “separated” , but somewhat.
I fear what may happen to Nikkei stocks as/when/if the Yen weakens much more but it’s up 2% today. Not exactly NVD3 but not too shabby: Choppy recently.

Again there are stocks on T212 which get close and provide more timely access.

Chap like you has probably noticed that China is getting the corporate act in gear. The EV ADRs are a law to themselves but surely should fly. Compare their domestic EV cars’ prices with Tesla’s, and gulp. In the meantime the sector KWEB which is internet related companies, is worth a look Up about 10% last month. That’ll do!

I have a couple of houses-worth in each of Japan and India, so have grown an Indian house and a Japanese house. Wondering if I’ll wind up with a Chinese one. Good game while it lasts.

There is a KWEB on T212.

You might find that lots of money, perhaps unsurprisingly is exiting China right now. I can be a bit of a contrarian when it comes to seeking value, perhaps I will open up a position in some Chinese stocks. :upside_down_face:

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Yes, I agree that there is a bit of geopolitical risk as well as the economy not doing well and possible government interference, but I think the Hong Kong market may have become too cheap so a few months ago I decided to invest a fraction of my portfolio there also.

Let’s hope it turns out to be right ie. the risks don’t materialise and the investments provide a good return :slight_smile: .

Whats with everyone trying to sell indian etfs?

Indian stock is pretty expensive now, though the people getting themselves on Bloomberg and CNBC repeat that the future does look good still. A bit like Nvidia!.
There has been some flapping because of the election, but all are saying Modi will be re-elected so I assume things will settle down.
If you look at the charts over 5 days they look alarming but not much over 6 months scale.
Similar pattern in China really.
India does have a heck of a lot going for it from a capitalist POV - very well educated middle classes, very cheap exploited workers, reasonably stable and Western focused. Labour rates are even lower than in China, I read.
However China looks, we know there’s more going on.
Japan will probably come good but I have no clue when.

I bought some 3KWE
KWEB is large/tech sort of biased Chinese stocks afai can make out.
The Leveraged ETF is pretty horrible - the price jumps up and down +/- about 10% all the time. Against you!
Bid and offer fills are awful. The charts we’re shown are misleading.
Expect to be given access only to prices at or off the top or bottom of the already huge range - and not in your favour… That’s what I’ve found 3 times out of 4.
So it’s even more true than usual, that unless there’s a good strong sustained trend, leave it alone. Keeping for several days , despite the risks and costs , can work.

I’ve found that Managed Funds at larger institutions can take days to switch, though sometimes it’s the middle of the next day which is OK. One stodgy old pension provider was surprisingly quick.
[HSBC waffle on about it taking “time to settle, didn’t you know”, while they stroke their bowler hats. To which I asked if it was more than pressing a button on a keyboard, and if so, why, do they have people running about with bits of paper? They try to tell you it’s the same “across the Industry” so I ask if they’ve tried, this century. And point out that I have tried, with 5 other institutions, in the last fortnight, and 6 times with them over a period, and they’re the worst.]

Anyone tried at Invest Engine for Managed Funds?
Speed is the advantage of T212 of course. While l it’s often better to sit through a wobble than try to switch out and back at the right times, it’s nice to have the choice.

T212 does lack, I think, an instrument which is like a high yield bond fund, which gives you a bit better than 5%, like 7-8%, while being pretty reliable as a safe haven in the dips.

Why does this feel like SEO spam?

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