Bed & breakfast rule question

Hi, question about the bed and breakfast rule for tax

The rule states if you sell and rebuy the same asset within 30 days it means you haven’t actually realised the gain (or loss) to stop people realising gains at end of tax year.

My question is though many assets have different ticker symbols now. Eg:

Tesla - TSLA, TL0 ( also leverage granite shares)

Does anyone know for example if I sold OCDO then bought OCDDY the next day would bed and breakfast apply in this case? Or because the tickers are different they are treated as different assets for tax purposes? Thanks.


Maybe @Richard.W knows. He has clarified lots of HMRC related queries on this community, I believe he has been investing for quite a while and clarified some queries directly with HMRC. You could say that he is the UK tax expert on this community :smiley: . (Nothing here is advice though)

Shares of different classes are treated as different. Suppose I own 1 share of GOOG which is pregnant with a $1000 gain. I could sell the share and immediately repurchase a share of GOOGL. That way I could help to use up my annual £12,300 capital gains tax free allowance. The share of GOOGL would now be owned with a higher cost basis. Similarly, a switch between UL (the US listing of Unilever) and ULVR (the UK listing). Similarly, I might switch between Fundsmith Equity class I and Fundsmith Equity class T. However, a switch between Fundsmith Equity class I Inc and Fundsmith Equity class I Acc is considered as “share reorganisation”. No capital gains are realised.

See HMRC guidance here and here.