Best ETFs available in trading 212

As we don’t have VTI, VOO, SPHD and so on… Do you invest in ETFs here? Which one are the best in your opinion?

No EU broker has these as they don’t meet regulations. They all have easily Google-able equivalents, I’ll start you off



Some of my favourites that I invest in are:

  1. VHYL - Vanguard All World High Dividend (equivalent to SPHD)

  2. VUSA - Vanguard S&P 500 ETF (equivalent to VOO)

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how come HL got all these ETFS voo,schd etc.There are the good performing ETFs ;all others are looks like under performers with high expense

They dont, because it’s not legal to sell these ETFs in the EU. Regarding HL having VOO, did you even check?

I just checked in my account?


People, please… use the forum search… there are exactly 689 thousand topics about US ETFs not being able to be negotiated in Europe, why and some alternatives provided by the ETF managers themselves.

Sorry if it sounds a bit rude, but every week there are new topics about exactly the same thing… US ETFs :unamused:


Oh thanks for spotting this.My mistake.

I am hoping atleast LG technology fund is available to invest.All.other ETFs are crap.other than Ark

Make your own using the pie feature.