Best ETFs for dividends returns

Next time you go to the doctor or hospital and you get a diagnosis or prescription, you should tell them that you don’t want it. And that you will go home and google remedies.

That sounds about right for quiet a few general practice doctors, specialists aside. :partying_face:

Joseph was on subscriber list, but he quickly switched from dividend to growth FOMO style.

He didn’t like Apple enough at 200$, but at 400$ its a bargain. Anyway his episodes are good for starter investing, but as soon as you get grip on fundamentals, it just becomes nuisance to listen to someone talk 30+ minutes same things over and over.


I don’t know, maybe I’m doing it totally wrong… but what I miss from basically ALL those dividend investors youtubers, is to talk about the past return/performance of the stocks that they added on their portfolio.
Yes, past performance don’t guarantee any future performance.
But dividend portfolios are basically full of boring stable companies, so look past performance makes sense if you want buy a stock and hold for a decade or more to have compounding (or passive income).
My point is, I see the same stocks on every portfolio and just few of them has a better past performance than just holding VUSA/SPY/VOO… and that I really don’t understand what is the matter of a portfolio like this. :confused: