Best ETF's for a UK ISA?

Good evening all,

New to the community and have been reading around some of the pages and everyone seems nice and helpful, so I’m hoping someone may offer a couple of pointers.

I am looking at opening an ISA through T212 and moving a chunk of savings into it, with a view to investing in some ETF’s probably S&P, FTSE and some more specific markets to diversify my portfolio. This will be for long term growth, over 10/20 years. Ideally I’d like any dividends to re-invest automatically, into the EDF and don’t want to pay any UK/US tax if possible. What would peoples recommendations be? I’ve looked into the Vanguard and ishare S&P EDF’s which seem available in multiple currencies some with the ability to re-invest automatically or take a dividend, so just trying to make sense of it all.

Thank you in advance for any help and advice.