Dividend Growth ETF on Trading212?

Hello fellow Trading users!
First of all excuse me if such thread exists but I was unable to find any that fits my inquiries.

My question would be if there are any Dividend Growth ETFs in USD on Trading212 that is a great addition to a solely dividend focused investor.
My criteria:

  • Dividend GROWTH focused, I am young and don’t care about starting yield.
  • Low expense ratio
  • USD stock price (my account is in USD so I would like to avoid transaction costs)
  • Preferably USA focused
  • Must be available on Trading212

Any help is much appreciated, as Trading212’s stock instrument details is unfortunately lacking even basic details and I am new to the ETF world.

Hi Daniel,

Have a look at SAIN (Scottish American Investment Trust).


Invests in global equity, property and more with a dividend yield of 2-3%+

However it is a UK currency based trust though.

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Thanks a lot for the recommendation!

I am bit “worried” that 32% of assets are from EU. Not that I don’t trust EU economy going forward but from past experience dividends are the first thing to cut in most EU companies when shit hits the fan…

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Any additional recommendations would be much appreciated! :slight_smile: