Best Hydrogen ETF on this platform ?

I’m looking to add a Hydrogen ETF to my portfolio. Interested to know peoples thoughts on the best and why ? My initial thoughts…
Hydrogen one HGEN Actively managed . good philosophy , but 2% annual charge :grimacing:
L&G Hydrogen Economy HTWG … not as much of a pure play on Hydrogen as I would expect
VanEck Hydrogen Economy HDGB … Might be lead contender based on their strategy / criteria.

Any other funds I’ve missed ?
Looking for something to drip feed small regular amounts into. For the amount I’m investing its not worth the time to research all the individual company’s, so I’m going for an ETF.

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Why are you looking to invest in a managed fund/ETF that tracks an index?

Go bold (and hopefully prosper!).

If not then I think you have missed:

  • IE0002RPS3K2 - Ticker HYGG - Global X Hydrogen UCITS ETF Acc USD

And we could request:

  • IE00053WDH64 - Ticker HYDN - Invesco Hydrogen Economy UCITS ETF Acc
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Welcome. It’s worth noting that HGEN is an investment trust rather than an ETF and it’s important to understand the differences.

It’s a closed-ended fund so it can trade at a discount to NAV, for example.

I’d question whether you need hydrogen exposure. Relatively exotic investments like this are risky.

Unless you have expert knowledge of hydrogen, helium etc, it’s best to steer clear of investing them.

It’s only going to make 5% of my portfolio, so not worth the time it would take me to research an entire sector. But I do know it’s a sector / technology governments are pumping trillions into.