HGEN HydrogenOne Capital Growth

Any thoughts on this interesting play? A different beast to the Hydrogen ETFs as it has the ability to invest in unlisted companies as well.


It’s premium has been dropping back down to par after launch, perhaps indicating a good entry point?

Dunno. I think an ETF like INRG got better coverage, because it has hydrogen, wind and solar in it. Can’t find which hydrogen companies they invested in either

Ive keep looking at this and also tried to find the companies which make up the fund without success…they seem to be holding their own share price back by holding back the most important details! Unless nothing is set up yet and they are hoping investors will simply invest based on the name of the fund!

It is normal for most funds, not to release up to date holdings. The purpose being people can not simply copy their holdings to avoid fees. Typically most management companies either have a non disclosure agreement with parties whom need up to date information, or typically release information to the masses on a 1 month/quarterly basis in arrears.

From simply looking over the NAV, it starts to fluctuate more from the 7th September onwards. This to me, suggests that is the date when funds were invested in listed securities.

The one part that slightly concerns me, is that there is also no OCF. We know the AMC is 1% on listed assets up to 100m, and 1.5% for unlisted assets.

The fund launched 30th July, and had an AMC discount to 0.5% for cash. so its a blended AMC rate between the two. Any private company purchases by the fund should have been disclosed.

Realistically I think the OCF should be no more than the 2% mark.

Anyhow, I cant see in anyway how this could be a ‘buy’ for anyone, not knowing the listed holdings it currently has in its portfolio. especially while trading at a 3% premium to its NAV.

Once we start to see the private companies it may hold, only then I think would it be worth another review. On the basis of 100m AUM, unless it uses some kind of leverage, private companies won’t be a huge portion. Especially since the initial raise for this closed fund was hoping to raise 250m.

I added this to my ETF pie a while ago and I’m happy with how it’s going tbh.
Jumped in at about £1.05 and it tops up weekly.
I think it’s safe to say anything H2 over the next 10years in the uk is worth a few £ :+1:.

What is the true NAV at the moment?

HL has it listed at +19.40%.
FT at +23.43%!

That’s crazy high if true.

Its NAV is 98.4p, and its released daily via RNS. I suspect it only holds listed companies at the moment and dont fancy the premium.

Scroll down to the bottom and untick the box on the right to get the NAV RNS’s.

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The only asset I know of is sunfire to the tune of €24 mil but even so the NAV is never going to be amazing on a 2 month old fund.