Bid/Ask spread addition

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At the moment I have a complex analysis indicator that I developed (still a work-in-progress) in TradingView but ideally I would like to create a standalone tool that can get live price data and analyse all stock on my watchlist in real time. I’d therefore be interested where stocklist gets its price data. I know there are some price api around but on first glance they seem to have limitations

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No, but I messaged via the “join the waitlist” G Sheet and got a message back…so someone is active and might respond to your query and/or help you out sign-up

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Oh wow. Thanks for the shout out @haggis_mince

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Thank you very much. It does seem to be getting some traffic these days. Seems to come from Reddit !! Glad peeps like it.

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I have to agree with @dougal1984 I prefer to get an indication when placing a order at what price the trade will actually execute. I prefer to use the limit method to trade because I feel you get a deal closer to the expected price. A buy/sell spread as an indicator would be very useful. I presently have to go to another platform to get this info. I have tried placing a trade at the LTP but as it often takes time to execute, i feel the limit order when available (not available in pies) works best.


Father McGuire,
I’ve just signed up for T212 after trading on IG for several years (I summed up my FX fees over that time and that’s what lead me to switch). I was very surprised to find no bid-ask spread shown, and so ended up in this thread. Does direct market access ensure we are getting the same bid-ask (and more importantly buy / sell prices) as we would on any other platform that offers DMA? If that is the case then I can just about live with checking elsewhere before buying anything. But if I can’t check then that won’t do at all, as some illiquid names have spreads wider than my stop loss.

While DMA provides access to the order book and real-time market data, it does not guarantee that you will receive the same bid-ask and buy/sell prices as other platforms that offer DMA. Here’s why:

  • Each broker may have different liquidity providers and execution venues, which can result in slight variations in bid-ask and buy/sell prices.
  • The prices you see on Trading 212 may be influenced by the liquidity providers and execution venues they work with.
  • Market conditions and order flow can also impact the bid-ask and buy/sell prices, leading to differences between platforms…

How can I know then the SPREAD of a certain product?

Since I have experienced having limited buy order not fulfilled even though the LTP has gone through it. Either the App has a glitch or something doesn’t match up here… It would be nice if:

Show LTP in the product but as well the Bid/Ask in small numbers or something. Since this is VERY USEFUL and necessary information.


Kudos to this