Bid/Ask spread addition

If i have one criticism of T212, it’s no longer showing bid /ask.


Without Bid/Ask prices it’s really trading blindly.
You could set an stop 10% below the shown “price” for some stocks and get an notification a few seconds later that your Stop got executed, while at the same time the shown “price” of the stock got up and not down.

The Bid/Ask difference can be really high depending on the stocks.

All Informations that are needed for trading, should be displayed, in my opinion it can’t be that you are forced use external information providers for necessary informations.

And these Informations are not only usefull for people that sell and buy often, but also for people that want to be safe with their investment and want to set up safty stops, that are executed when the price is falling and not executed cause of setting up the stop with missleading informations.


Maybe someone could make a suggestion to add Bid Ask to Trading212?


It has been asked and suggested many times

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why does Trading 212 not show bid and ask?


Extended trading hours are exactly the reason why I need bid/ask prices! During extended trading hours, bid/ask is going to have a wide spread, so as a user, I need to be able to figure out whether it’s worth trading at market prices, or if not, what sort of limit order to place.

I just experimented with $16, and I paid $16.33 for $15.97 worth of shares - the app shows that in red as a loss of 2.06%, and it could have been a higher percent if I used a significant volume.

Where is LTP even shown? The docs mention its existence, but not how to find it. Is this referring to the listed “price”? If so, then it seems impossible for me to resolve the problem I stated in the first paragraph, correct?

What I mean is:

  1. I would like to know whether the spread is small enough for me to trade at a market price. For example at a 1% spread or greater I will not do that, but 0.1% is fine.
  2. In case it is not small enough, I still need the spread to figure out where to place my limit order, so that my order can execute in a timely manner, and also that I can reduce the problem of high spread for other traders.

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LTP is the last trade price which you see on the app. It shows the price of the most recent transaction for the product. The LTP provides a more accurate reflection of a product’s value than buy or sell prices. You can find out more here.

While we understand your point, we replaced the BID/ASK with LTP prices, which helped us introduce Extended Market Hours trading. For the time being, we don’t have any plans to change it.

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I’m curious to understand how?

Counter argument: If I hold a stock with a 5% spread so say 100p bid 105p ask, and the last trade was a buy at 105p, is my holding worth 105p or 100p if I were to sell at that point?

It’s certainly simpler / cheaper from a data perspective and probably an immaterial difference for stocks with a tight spread, but the value of a stock in your portfolio is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Is the change not purely from a platform scalability point of view to add more services than a better view of the worth of a stock in one’s portfolio?

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I can see no basis to say that LTP “provides a more accurate reflection of … value than buy or sell prices”. Fundamentally you have no idea whether the value based on LTP is based on buy or sell price so its essentially meaningless and certainly less accurate than a value based on a known price (buy or sell). I also don’t understand why LTP is linked to providing EMH trading. EMH still has buy and sell prices so I can’t see why EMH is conditional on using LTP that doesn’t make sense to me.

@Dougal1984 I’m also unsure what represents the LTP because I’ve had live market feeds with buy and sell prices and the price displayed on T212 has changed as I watch and neither the previously displayed price or the newly displayed price reflect the market price and I’ve executed an order which has executed within a second or two at a third price on stock with a fairly static price. Thus I’m really unsure what LTP actually is.

@Bogi.H I don’t like LTP but if T212 simply said it was a business decision and that’s basically it then I’d have to accept it but I struggle when the arguments don’t make sense.

At the end of the day I’m not terribly concerned about it now. I tend to almost always use limit orders to avoid problems or will place a token £3 market order (efficient from a stamp duty or fx fee perspective) just to see what it executes at before placing an actual order. Overall I really like T212 and not having buy/sell prices is annoying but I’ve just adopted to live with it


Ditto and some more characters :upside_down_face:

Sad to hear that. Also confused at the reasoning behind the change.

Since the charts have strictly indicative purposes, the prices displayed are not guaranteed for execution.

Even though I understand your arguments, our current setup is an industry-standard. In some cases, BID/ASK prices also can be misleading. If there is a certain BID/ASK price, this does not mean that there is a trade at those levels, so as a result, the execution price might again differ from the one displayed on the charts.

Knowing the spread seems a pretty basic requirement when investing in an instrument - no matter how indicative.


Seeing the spread is a pretty basic requirement when buying stocks.
Shocked to learn that bid/ask has been removed.

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I’m currently afraid of making a market order because I don’t know whether my trade is going to be close to the price listed.

After entering my trading amount I’d love to see the % spread, calculated dynamically since larger orders could come with slippage. Color coded green/orange/red for normal/medium/high spread.

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A limit order / secondary look on exchange (albeit most exchange feeds have a lag) would assist in this. For highly liquid stocks, the spread is probably quite narrow that LTP is fine, its just the other stuff that could be more lucrative but risky at the same time.

There should be no risk when purchasing an instrument itself - the bid and the ask should be transparent and viewable. It is beyond odd that it is not something that is accessible by users of the site.
Before Pies, account interest, free shares, fancy charting or new features - we should know the cost to buy and sell. I have no idea why it is not shown, but it is something all traders, both short and long term need to know!


It makes trading leverage ETPs now difficult.

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Absolutely. People can talk about limit orders and whatever else. I see absolutely no reason not to show the bid offer spread. It’s of no use to anyone. Utterly bizarre business decision.

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It’s pretty basic but I use some of the free tools from , for example :

Shows the VOD bid/ask, obviously!

Change the ticker… to SMT for example

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