Bill Gates - the experiment

I mainly invest in index funds (with a handful of single stocks)

Recently I did a little experiment with two funds Bill Gates (or the Foundation) own.

Waste Management

Not with much money (I’m not totally daft/crazy and I’d never experiment with more than I’m comfortable with, if I lost 100% of what I invested in the two I’d not loose any sleep)

Both are doing well though with decent potential upsides - got me to thinking….is it a common thing in the “stocks and shares world” to focus on one person who’s clearly at the top of their game and follow their journey? Instead of complicating things by following too many people?

Is it a dangerous move?

Is it a naive move?

Curiously intrigued into others personal opinions…

Again I’m NOT risking much by this experiment at all and would not be affected if Waste Management or Pfizer were to plummet tomorrow

Seems like not a bad idea. Both companies are involved with researching means to profitably resolve issues we have today. The fact they are backed by deep pockets, should also be seen in a good light.

The question I think is of how high can they go and what is an attractive entry price?