Pfizer thoughts

Hi all,

What are your thoughts on Pfizer. it still seems to a cheap stock compared to fundamentals (as per simply wallstreet)
premarket is up by 15%


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Noob here. This platform, is it simplywallst or something else?

Also I tried to buy buy buy pfizer but transactions were down.

yes it is simplywallst

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Like all health and medical equity you will experience medium to high volatility (ups and downs). Every time there is news that your product (vaccine or some sort of drug) gets approved or does not get an approval the price will fluctuate. Also a big news such as “the COVID vaccine kills 25% of the people that took it” has the potential to bankrupt the company overnight.

Stay safe


I got in with Pfizer recently and now standing at $50. I thought if you can’t beat em join em - so far so good

I might try and hold out for that $70 valuation :raised_hands:t2:

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It’s very hard to predict long term. And in the case of Pfizer - I think it could be more of a PR than a business matter.

At this size it can’t grow like Moderna did, but it could start to look as a promising bet in terms of innovation and potential, not just as one of the evil pharma giants.

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Yeah I’m not hanging around too long as I’ve simply no interest in them - it was just on a whim really. A news reading, gut calling whim. I hate big fat pharma - evil pharma giants (I’m all for Tilray and that kinda development :seedling::raised_hands:t2:)

Just wanted to take a punt on a few that I thought would have some profits to take. Another right now is waste management - I’m sure I half make it up as I go along!