Driving positive change (not buying GME)

Yes, this isnt about buying GME or any of the meme stocks, but the whole situation got me thinking that we could be driving a change for good especially in the clean energy sector.

I know I hold a few energy companies with PHE being my biggest holding by share amount and ill be adding to it in the future.

What clean energy companies are you holding and do you think markets could drive the change?

Kinda related I’ve been looking at iShares set of SRI / ESG ETFs recently.

The have USA / Europe / Japan / EM / World.

Basically just stocks that don’t fuck up the planet or people.


As well as some of the ESG funds that @phildawson mentions, I own NextEra Energy. Their company website is interesting. They make a rather bold claim

We believe that no
company in any
industry has done
more to reduce
carbon emissions
and to confront
climate change than
NextEra Energy.

My holding on NEE is up 46% in GBP terms since July 2019.

Also, iShares Global Clean Energy UCITS ETF is held by over 58,000 people on this platform and is one of the 10 most popular investments.

You might like to read this letter from Blackrock’s CEO about the case for ESG investing


Ooh could we create a sort of Positive Change Pie, or should we just buy KIT?

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So this interview with Chris Sacca really got me thinking that I should look more into that space.

“Look no further than what the big investment banks are doing. The same guys who have been leveling forests in Borneo and uprooting indigenous tribes to fund palm oil deals are now writing big checks into climate deals. Are they doing that because of the warm and fuzzies it gives them? No, they are doing it because they know that’s where the money is. Plain and simple, their spreadsheets show that drilling and mining are liabilities. Meantime, the biggest wave of wealth creation since the Internet is being seeded right f***ing now. Bonus that those suits don’t have to explain to their kids that they can afford private school because daddy’s coal mine poisoned 150,000 people’s drinking water. Sweet dreams, honey!”

"If you’re an investor, as long as you don’t have some kind of allergy to making money, get out your checkbook."