Birkenstock IPO - now available 👣

Previously perceived as an unfashionable orthopaedic brand, this German shoe manufacturer has transformed its image.

Now worn by millions, Birkenstock has entered the market with an IPO valuation of 8.6 B.

Will it be a right fit for your portfolio? :footprints:

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@Momchil.G Disappointing it’s not available on CFD, will this be fixed?

Hey, @Darryl :wave:

Birkenstock is available on both the Invest and CFD side. If you’re unable to see it, please try logging out and back into your account. If this doesn’t do the trick, just send me a DM, and I’ll take a closer look right away :raised_hands:

Hey @Momchil.G

It’s stuck on view only, I’ve tried logging out and a couple of friends have tried but get the same results

Thank you for the quick reply - I’ve just sent you a DM, so we can take a closer look at this together :eyes: