Bitcoin ETC/ETP on trading 212

Is it possible to add on the platform some bitcoin etc or etp product?

It would be interesting to add some diversification into pies using cryptocurrencies assets, in the same way we can use commodities ETFs

Thank you


I’d be interested too, if only for my ARKW pie. I think I’m right in saying GBTC is traded on the OTC markets though and it’s unlikely to be compliant with EU regs anyway.

Anyone got any suggestions for an EU-traded equivalent? I don’t think there’s any listed in London although I could be wrong.

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for example, this one:

BTCetc - Bitcoin Exchange Traded Crypto (EUR) | BTCE


That’s a good shout, thought there would be one listed in Germany. May be another in Switzerland if memory serves. It’s a shame the TER’s so horrendous (2%) :grimacing:

yes, it’s very expensive