VanEck Bitcoin ETP - VBTC

Launched today, fact sheet here and launch page here.

By listing this ETP it gives investors looking for Bitcoin exposure an option besides the HANETF BTCE product.

Like BTCE, VBTC is also listed on the Deutsche Böerse Xetra and Trading 212 already offers a number of VanEck products, including more niche options like the e-sports ETP. So it seems like a good fit to expand the options available for alternative investments.

As per this post I expect UK retail investors will not be able to purchase after 6th Jan 2021 due to the short sightedness of the FCA, so it would be nice if this were listed before that date!

From the launch spiel:

  • Physically backed (100% Bitcoin collateralized)
  • Exchange listed (Deutsche Börse Xetra)
  • Negligible premium/discount to NAV
  • Transparent holdings
  • Transparent prices
  • Investor protections

+1 on this being added ASAP!

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I’ll add to the daily IPO post, since it has just launched, and if it can be added I’m sure the team will do so.


Thanks a lot, you guys don’t hang about!

does this one have the 2%pa management fees like BTCE?

There’s a fact sheet link up there :point_up:t2:

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It’s the same management fee. At 2%.


Not UCITS compliant. Should’ve noticed that. Can’t get it added I’m afraid.

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I read that too @Joey_Fantana, but I was thinking as it is Domiciled in EU and UK, it’s already already compliant?