Bitcoin Halving 2024

Not that past performance is anything to go by, but what do we think the impact of the next halving expected this year will be?

Does anyone have any BTC predictions for 2024 - given last years 146% rise, is it worth waiting or is now still a good entry point?

When I read the title I thought the post was going to be somebody suggesting that the price of bitcoin would halve this year :slight_smile:

I have never held bitcoin and have never looked at the chart. I therefore don’t know what the previous affect of “halving” has been. I know some miners recently dumped a load of coins and I’m not sure why (and whether it was anything to do with the forthcoming halving). That aside, if the US approves coin ETFs and trackers that could increase buying volume which would (I assume) push the price up.

Fundamentally it is a finite commodity with a fixed number of coins. It therefore has significant potential to continue rising.

For me, the SEC’s approval/no opposition of the conversion of the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust into an ETF, marking the first US physical Bitcoin ETF will be a trigger, for best or worst of bitcoin’s near-term future.