Boeing CFD capped at 50 shares. Why?

This is on the practice account. I’ve maxed out at 50 with a value of €1,826.

But I have €10,000 in the account.

Why is this?

Valaris is also capped - can’t buy more than €120 worth of CFDs.

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But i think there will be less and less.

Thanks. Question still unanswered though.

I have same issue with many stocks. NKLA capped at 20, AML at 50, CCL etc

Just noticed yes NKLA capped at 25 for me. Hopefully somebody can tell us what’s going on @David ? People on Reddit talking about this too.

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platform sucks today, having 20 cents margin almost everywhere, prices jumping 15c each second, anyone else having those problems?

Yeah, I can’t even get into Hertz

Chesapeake capped at a max of 5 shares? The platform is absolutely crippled today.

Brokers have maximum exposures that they mustn’t exceed due to regulations & capital requirement laws. We can’t just accept unlimited orders for unlimited amounts anytime we’d like, especially with stocks that are almost impossible to hedge.

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yeah right, you just protecting from loses nothing else, everything is ok when you losing money, opposite not, just like bookmakers, time to find a new platform

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@Distefano Well, there’s also something called capital requirements, you can look that up to the internet.
We’re just not allowed to take excessive risk, even if we think it would be in our best interest to do so.

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Fair enough. I just find it hard to believe one of the most popular trading platforms was anywhere close to breaching capital requirements due to a single green day.