Hertz stock not updating on CFD - Trading Now Suspended

Hertz was delisted temporarily today, but it looks like they’re back up.

It’s not updating on the CFD platform, but the price has updated on other brokers, and on Yahoo, Google etc.

I have a position open on Hertz, but they’re going bankrupt so want to get my cash out as quickly as possible even though it’s a sell position. Who know what way the stock will swing as nothing is making sense these days.

I’ll be in profit once the stock updates, so just waiting for it to update and get out.

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I’m also keen to get out quick before the company is delisted. I’m sitting here waiting to take out profit.

Even an update would be good.

I know you guys suspend trading if there is no activity in the market and you don’t receive quotes, but volume has been in the millions for the last hour. Market has just closed.

My take profit should have triggered by now but it didn’t.

Can you tell us the reason for this freeze?

Hopefully it will be back open tomorrow, and the stock doesn’t do anything crazy in the mean time.

@David any update on this?

Stock is moving again pre market.

Will the issue be sorted for market open?

@pipo Yes, it’ll be available for trading after markets open.



And do you know why it was frozen yesterday?

It was active on interactive brokers during the same time period.

It is a small position but I’d be hesitant to open larger ones after this experience.

As I said I totally understand the low liquidity suspensions but this had massive volume.

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@David Hey David. Is there any chance this can be flagged to the developers? I read of other cases where instruments have been frozen and had a significant time delay before reopening again.