Trading suspended 8th June

Various oil stocks and Hertz are currently locked as “trading suspended”.

What does this mean or indicate?


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The reason may vary.

If the stock is due to be taken from the exchange, then the stock needs to be traded OTC, which T212 are working to do, but could take a few months.

If the stock is near zero liquidity or has not had any orders placed for a substantial amount of time, then the stock may appear as being suspended. Just contact T212 to verify if this is for good or temporary.

Thank you both.

I’ll see if I can find out.

I got an answer here.

Basically these stocks were too risky for them (i.e people were making lots of money) so they limited the amount you can buy or just suspended them in the case of Hertz.

It means you could earn a lot of money and trading212 could lose those money :joy::joy::joy:


That’s all fair enough. But the ones are have are ok to keep and sell as and when I choose?