Boglehead investing from Croatia

Hello dear friends,
as you probably know investing in ETF-s from europe is another ballgame than investing from US. For Croatia its much better to use ACCUMULATING index founds, as the dividends need to be reported 8 days from recieving them. I was wandering are there some simple index funds (vanguard, ishare? ) That would fit this criteria. We use HRK but euro in few years. Should I choose hedged, or in some currency ? Thanks.

Accumulating ETFs also have dividends that need to be declared, but the pay date is just once per year. For example, SWDA (iShares MSCI World EFT) had $1.0685 per share “excess of reported income” paid 31/12/19. You never see this income as it is reinvested in the fund, but it is taxable (at least for UK taxpayers; I’m not sure about the Croatia tax system but I would expect the same).

For low cost accumulating ETFs the iShares Core product range is good: SWDA, CSPX, etc


Croatia is very specific. As they are mainly interested in founds that land on your bank account. But thanks for the heads up. But non the less paying once a year is much better than every moment. Also for bonds here we don’t pay any taxes not sure for UK. And not sure is it just Croatian bonds or others. But will investigate that also. Thanks @Richard.W for your input.