Bollinger Bands' lines as Price Alert input

It’s a great day-trading technique to establish Buy or Sell signals on moments when the price crosses Bollinger Bands’ Deviation Lines and its Moving Average Line. It could be a pioneer function to specify Price Alerts on it.

Of course, the crossing direction should be
Downward, in case of the Lower Deviation Line (buying opportunity)
Upward, in case of the Upper Deviation Line (selling opportunity)
• And we should be able to specify a proximity percent. This means that the price still didn’t cross the Deviation Line but approaches it.
• This type of price alert should be permanent (till remove).

Thank you so much if you do it. It’s simple to make. It could practically be three Checkboxes in the Bollinger Bands settings, + a percent value input for each one.

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Hey @Vendrel :wave:,

Thank you for taking the time to share your preferences!

While this is indeed a fantastic suggestion, there are some improvement features we’re focused on. However, we’ll definitely consider it once we begin to upgrade the indicators.

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Woo, I just discovered that TradingView already has this function. Their solution is an etalon because of its flexibility (just test it), you can set what should cross what for the alert: the Price, a Line of Bollinger Bands indicator, or one Bollinger Bands’ any lines crossing another.

The only moment not clear is: which time-scale it works in. Every time scale…? Or just the one where I viewed the chart in when added the alert for the indicators…?

Anyways, you could and should make it at least that much great. It could be a genius function. :blush:

To test it:
Add a Bollinger Bands

  1. Click on a line of it, circles appear.
  2. Right click on a circle.
  3. Click to ‘Add Alert on BB (…)’.
  4. Vary its settings



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