Notification for price move


could we have notifications setting for stock move (watch list, portfolio) if price move for some percentage defined by user on Invest account?

E.g. I want to get notification everytime when there is a day change +/- 5% of AMD price.


Is this not what you mean?

Hi, yes, It should be similar but instead of exact price you will enter percentage price change and this settings will be permanent.

So I will enter here e.g. 5% and everytime the price will change in the day, it will send the notification.

Example: I set 5%

Starting price 100 usd. During day price will rise to 106 usd. I get notification at 105. Next (or same) day price drops back to 100. I get another notification.

Reason for this is that I am long term investor. I set fixed prices for level when I definitely want to buy or sell but I dont want to check prices every day. I use mostly pies and autoinvest.But I want to know if there is some big movement to check what is happening or buy the dip.


So an improvement on the existing price alerts to be able to set a permanent % based movement alert.

So setting 5% would alert every time it moves 5% up and every time it moves 5% down?

Sounds like it could be useful to see additional buying opportunities on top of the auto-investing for sure.


Yes, exactly.

Permanent in this case means that the alert is not deleted after price change like current price alert. But user can delete / update it any time of course.

It’s a really interesting idea. I think it is the kind of thing that 212 should want to implement – unlike other things I think it’s something that would help them make money.

From the perspective of an investor, I don’t think it’s something that would be useful. I certainly wouldn’t use it. I’m not sure about traders – maybe they might find some value there.

In any event, the thingy says it’s your first post. So welcome to the forum and thanks for a really thought-provoking idea! :smiley:

Was just about to suggest this! Definitely would be very useful for day/swing trading. When/if this feature comes to fruition, can it please be made available for all three account types? (CFD/Invest/ISA)

Thank you.

MattC desribed it better. English is not my native language, still learning :slight_smile:

I think it would be useful for both traders and investors. In “calm” times you woul have maybe one, two notifications per year (bad / good q results, etc), in this volatile market you could have many per day, based on percentage set (TSLA :-), but if you don’t follow the market / news everyday, you will have immediately information that something is happening with the stock. I like the current volatility notification, but it is more like news (Gold rise to 2K usd, Usd lost 4% vs EUR, etc)