Sophisticated and better alerts

Hi @trading212 team,

Can I suggest you make your alerts deeper and more integrated?

A couple of examples come to the mind,

  1. when setting price alerts, give an option for buy or sell price? allows us traders to set alerts in the relevant direction given the bid/ask spread
  2. alerts based on common indicators like when moving averages cross or when RSI reaches a certain level etc.
  3. when there is a certain change in price (% or absolute) in a given direction

What do you think? :slight_smile:


Agree: alerts based on common indicators like when moving averages cross or when RSI reaches a certain level etc.


thinks we’ll need to make a little more noise for the @trading212 team to notice this

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I totally agree and sound alerts too.

isn’t that controlled by your phone/browser?

i read somewhere that i need to tag you lot until this catches your eye and you respond, so here goes :stuck_out_tongue:

@David, @Martin, @PeterA, @George


A percentage alert would be good. I.e if the current/or entered price moves in a direction by 5% for a specific time range, like within an hour/day/week

Having the option to set regular alert levels would be great. For example Tesla fluctuates wildly, would be handy to be able to set alerts at $50 intervals. Also, the option of enduring alerts would be great too, so that if it passes the set value, the alert would remain active (maybe muted for an hour or something so that you don’t get 50 alerts if the price is bouncing around the alert value).

Fellow alert junkies, which alternative app/service are you using to receive such alerts?

i’m still an amateur, so not a lot but i have an account and they have really sophisticated alerts that help me with my basic technical analysis too.

Can you set alerts against company shares or just markets (the blurb mentions markets but not companies)?

do you mean trading212?

and what blurb?

Sorry, IG (to both questions)

def shares. haven’t seen markets though. i don’t wanna be seen as promoting them else would have attached a screenshot :wink:

Understood, thanks. It’s just until/if T212 provide more alerts.

Just discovered Webull ( Looks really promising.

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I Highly recommend WeBull mobile app and desktop, their features/tools are impressive, it also comes with free level 2 data for 3 months.

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Does WeBull provide alerts for UK stocks too?

no unfortunately not. Solely US

@phildawson are you aware of a good source for UK stocks?

Very slick. I just downloaded their Desktop App 4.0 now. I feel like I’m in a space ship.

I need to read up on how to use Level 2 data. According to the trading experts it’s a “leading” indicator which means it can actually give you a good idea where the stock price is going. As opposed to the other technical tools like moving averages and fibonnaci astrology lines. Which are “lagging” indicators and mostly work in hindsight.

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