Bolsa de Madrid Stocks & ETFs (THE COMPLETE REQUEST LIST)

Hi Trading212 team:

I would like to encourage you to add the stocks & ETFs of the main indices of the Madrid Stock Exchange that are not available yet on Trading212. It is interesting for both you and your clients to have these stocks & ETFs on the platform. I am not including those that will be delisted this year (merges and takeovers)

Please, find the complete list of the stocks and ETFs (Bolsa de Madrid) to be added to Trading212 below:

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BME:LIB (Libertas 7) :x: not available on IBKR
MTA:RDM (Reno de Medici) :x: Italian Exchange not available yet
CIA Espanola de Viviendas en Alquiler (CEV1) ISIN: ES0132955008
Borges Agricultural & Industrial Nuts (BAIN)
Grifols Clase B (GRF.P)

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Iffe Futura (IFF)
Making Science Group (MAKS)
Medcom Tech (MED)
Mondo TV (MONI)
Netex Knowledge Factory (NTX)
Pangaea Oncology (PANG)
Tier1 Technology (TR1)

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Lyxor IBEX 35 Doble Apalancado Diario UCITS ETF ACC (IBEXA)
Lyxor IBEX 35 Doble Inverso Diario UCITS ETF ACC (2INVE)
BBVA Accion IBEX 35 ETF F.I. Cotizado Armonizado (BBVAI)
BBVA Accion EUROSTOXX 50 ETF F.I. Cotizado Armonizado (BBVAE)

Screenshot 2021-07-14 225836

BME:YAC1 (Almagro Capital Socimi)
BME:YVIT (Vitruvio Real Estate Socimi)
BME:YMHRE (Millenium Hotels Real Estate Socimi)
BME:YGMP (GMP Property Socimi)
BME:YATO (Atom Hoteles Socimi)

Screenshot 2021-07-01 194943

America Movil (XAMXL)
Banco BBVA Argentina (XBBAR)
Banco Bradesco (XBBDC)
Braskem (XBRK)
Bradespar Preferentes (XBRPP)
Bradespar Ordinarias (XBRPO)
Companhia Energetica de Minas Gerais CEMIG (XCMIG)
Companhia Paraense de Energia COPEL (XCOP)
Grupo Elektra (XEKT)
Centrais Electricas Brasileiras Preferentes (XELTB)
Centrais Electricas Brasileiras Ordinarias (XELTO)
Gerdau (XGGB)
Grupo Financiero Banorte S.A.B. (XNOR)
Petroleo Brasileiro PETROBRAS Ordinarias (XPBR)
Petroleo Brasileiro PETROBRAS Preferentes (XPBRA)
TV Azteca (XTZA)
Usinas Siderurgicas de Minas Gerais Preferentes (XUSI)
Usinas Siderurgicas de Minas Gerais Ordinarias (XUSIO)
Compangia Vale Do Rio Doce (XVALO)
Volcan Compania Minera S.A.A. (XVOLB)

Moreover, if would be great if we had these companies available in Bolsa de Madrid in euros:

LON:IAG (IAG SA) [EUR] ISIN: ES0177542018
LON:BKY (Berkeley Energia LTD) [EUR] (IBKR ticker: B5R) ISIN: AU000000BKY0
LON:CCEP (Coca-Cola Europacific Partners) [EUR] (IBKR ticker: CCE) ISIN: GB00BDCPN049

Non-requested Spanish Real Estate Stocks based on liquidity

BME:YADR (Adriano Care Socimi)
BME:YVIV (Vivenio Residencial Socimi)
BME:YADV (Advero Properties Socimi)
BME:YARP (Arrienda Rental Properties Socimi)
BME:YAZR (Azaria Rental Socimi)
BME:YENT (Entrecampos Cuatro Socimi)
BME:YGAV (Gavari Properties Socimi)
BME:YGO2 (Greenoak Spain Holdings Socimi)
BME:YHCR (Home Capital Rentals)
BME:YLFG (La Finca Global Assets Socimi)
BME:YMIB (Mistal Iberia Real Estate Socimi)
BME:YNPC (Nextpoint Capital Socimi)
BME:YORS (Optimum Re Spain Socimi)
BME:YOVA (Optimum III Value-added Residential Socimi)
BME:YPARK (Inmobiliaria Park Rose Iberoamericana Socimi)
BME:YPR2 (Corpfin Capital Prime Retail II Socimi)
BME:YPR3 (Corpfin Capital Prime Retail III Socimi)
BME:YTRA (Trajano Iberia Socimi)
BME:YTST (Testa Residencial Socimi)
BME:YURO (Uro Property Holdings Socimi)
BME:YVBA (Ybare Iberian Properties Socimi)
BME:YZBL (Zambal Spain Socimi)
BME:YDES (Desarrollos Ermita del Santo Socimi)
BME:YNUM (Numulae Gestion de Servicios Socimi)
BME:YTAR (Tarjar Xairo Socimi)
BME:YMAN (Mansfield Invest Socimi)
BME:YDOA (Inversiones Doalca Socimi)
BME:YAML (AM Locales Property Socimi)
BME:YBAR (Barcino Property Socimi)
BME:YTRI (Trivium Real Estate Socimi)
BME:YINB1 (Inbest Prime I Inmuebles Socimi)
BME:YINB2 (Inbest Prime II Inmuebles Socimi)
BME:YINB3 (Inbest Prime III Inmuebles Socimi)
BME:YINB4 (Inbest Prime IV Inmuebles Socimi)
BME:YINB7 (Inbest Prime VII Inmuebles Socimi)
BME:YJSS (JSS Real Estate Socimi)
BME:YEUR (Euro Cervantes Socimi)
BME:YEPS (Euripo Properties Socimi)
BME:YTAN (Tander Inversiones Socimi)
BME:YTRM (Torimbia Socimi)
BME:YQUO (Quonia Socimi)
BME:YNM (Inmofam 99 Socimi)
BME:YAP67 (AP67 Socimi)
BME:YGRE (Gore Spain Holdings Socimi)
BME;YAPS (Albirana Properties Socimi)
BME:YAI1 (All Iron RE I Socimi)
BME:YMPI (Mistral Patromonio Inmobiliario Socimi)
BME:YMEI (Mercal Inmuebles Socimi)
BME:YSPS (Student Properties Spain Socimi)
BME:YORE (Olimpo Real Estate Socimi)
BME:YCPS (Castellana Properties Socimi)
BME:YFID (Fidere Patrimonio Socimi)
BME:YQPQ (Quid Pro Quo Alquiler Seguro Socimi)

Kind regards


Please do add as many of these as possible Trading212 Team! :+1:


Thank you for the detailed list :smiley: .

For the IPOs, it is probably best to let @Joey_Fantana know beforehand.
He requests IPOs daily and he is very good. He usually is up to date on all of them. :smiley:

Also, IBKR tend to take time to add European IPOs so there is usually a bit of a delay for T212 to add them. For example, I seem to remember that Linea Directa and Vantage Towers took a few days.

P.S. There are a couple on the list that have been requested before and I don´t think T212 can access them, but lets see if they can add them.
For example, for Berkeley you will probably only be able to access the London listing (from memory, if I recall correctly).


Thanks for your comments. Yes, I see that @Joey_Fantana is creating topics for IPOs, I will certainly follow your advice.

P.S. reply: Yes, I think it can be the similar case of Santander, but in any case it would be interesting to add Santander, IAG, or Berkeley Energia from Bolsa de Madrid, as they’re in euros, therefore recurding FX risk exposure for European clients.


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Hi @david @Rumen @Tony.V,

I work as a financial advisor and I’m bringing Spanish clients to Trading212. They’re complaining that they cannot find many Spanish stocks (Bolsa de Madrid) on Trading212 as they’re not available (see above). I was expecting at least a reply. It’s in your best interest in the end.

Kind regards

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Hola, que tal @Trendingstocks :wink:

A list of all available stocks listed in Bolsa de Madrid at IBKR for helping their addition:

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A stock listed in Bolsa de Madrid and available on IBKR (it’s a subsidiary of an utilities Portuguese company, EDP), that could be added to T212 platform.

ES0127797019 - EDP Renovaveis SA (EDPR)

@David ; @Rumen


@Trendingstocks am I right in thinking you’re updating your OP when stocks are added?

Yes @Joey_Fantana, that’s right :wink: