Missing Spanish stocks on EU accounts

Hi T212 team,

I was informed by Spanish clients and others that I recommended Trading212 that there are Spanish stocks that are missing in EU accounts. I just checked with some of them and compared the symbols that are available on UK T212 and not on EU T212 accounts, and there are more or less 130 stocks missing out of 161 of Bolsa de Madrid, that is only a few stocks from Bolsa de Madrid are available on EU T212 accounts. Please, could you check this out and make all the missing stocks on EU accounts from Bolsa de Madrid available for Spanish investors and other investors from the EU?

If you need a list of the 130 missing stocks, please let me know and I’ll be happy to provide it

Thanks and kind regards


Hey. :wave:

We’ve already started adding them. Tomorrow, we’ll complete the list with missing stocks from Bolsa de Madrid in our EU entity (Trading 212 Markets Ltd.).


Hi Bogi,

Thanks a lot! I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Kind regards