Bolsa de Mercados Españoles (BME) index watchlists (Updated daily)

Hi everyone:

These are the main indices of the Spanish Market (BME) with all their components on TradingView. I keep them updated daily and I thought it could be interesting to share it:


BME Stocks available on Trading212 (+170 Stocks listed)

Bolsa de Madrid (The most important companies of the Spanish Market, 120 companies listed)

IBEX 35 (Top 35 companies of the Spanish Market)

IBEX Medium Cap (Top 20 companies excluding the IBEX 35 companies)

IBEX Small Cap (Top 30 companies excluding the IBEX 35 and the IBEX Medium Cap companies)

IBEX Growth Market 15 (Top 15 companies of the BME Growth Market, micro cap companies, more illiquid, with normally no dividends)

IBEX Growth Market All Shares (The most important companies of the Growth Market, 35 companies listed)

IBEX Top Dividend (Companies from BME with high dividend yields)

IBEX Indices (The main indices of BME)

FTSE 4Good IBEX (ESG-friendly companies of BME)

FTSE Latibex (Companies from Mexico, Peru, Brazil and Argentina with more than 300 M € of market cap; all available for trading in euros)

Spanish Real Estate All Shares (All Real Estate Stocks from BME)

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