Bought DOCS yesterday but price seems wrong

Bought 1 share of Dr Martens yesterday. At the time the price was showing p450 but it took at least 1 minute to execute. When it completed, it shows I bought it for p460 instead.

At the time I was not too worried, just assumed the price had gone up before my order kicked in. However, I have looked at many charts now and none show the price ever reaching this high. On HL the trade high is p452

Am i missing something?

The price you see when you place a market order is indicative it is not a fixed quote. Your order executes at the best price available on the market at that time.

Different companies display different indicative prices. Some use the bid, ask or the last traded price. I don’t know which HL use.

What time was your trade executed? I can see that yesterday they were trades on DOCS at over p470

Yeah it was yesterday about 1pm uk time

Do you know the exact time?

Order executed at 13:11

Strange, I cant see any trades at that price. Might be worth raising a support ticket to double check.

I will DM you so we can discuss your case further.

That was the ASK

These were the trades at the time

Ticket created: #644510

Would love to know the reason

It was only at open it was trading insane.

The orders on the Invest/ISA account are routed to the most favourable exchange and are executed on the best price that satisfies both the buyer and seller at the moment of execution. The price on our chart is coming from a feed provider and serves as an indication of the liquidity structure of the market. Therefore, your execution price might be different than the price you see on the charts as a default one.
In your case, having placed such a small order, the execution algorithm routed it to the Turquoise exchange, where the price at which it got executed was the best price available at the time, namely, 460p.

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In addition to Yasen’s post, I would like to add a screenshot from the Bloomberg Terminal that shows a quote from Turquoise. Please note that the timezone is GMT + 2. The decision to route the order to this trading venue depends on our execution intermediary. It is based on the current price action and liquidity conditions at the time of execution.

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The same has happened with me regarding IGGHY. I noticed the stock was on top losers having lost 21% so decided to buy the dip. The trade excecuted at 13.36 leaving me immediately 25% down. Makes no sense

That’s slightly different in the almost no liquidity combined with the crap Bloomberg quote system.

But its trading at 13.36 now which is what I don’t understand. I have checked the price on OTC Markets and yahoo finance etc.

Those would be trades rather than ASK.

There was one person I assume you who bought at 13.36 looks like 630? And that was the best trade available.

It’s like a ghost town. :ghost:

It had lost 21% just because someone sold a few and took the ask from 14 down to 11.

And 13.36 to 10.01 BID is 25%.

It has almost no liquidity :grimacing:

Thanks for that Phil. Shed light on the station. Appreciate the screenshots


No worries :+1:

Just a shame we have someone reporting that post as inappropriate.

I can’t tell if a “customer” woke up 41mins ago and was genuinely offended by calling the Bloomberg quote system crap or that was a T212 staff member reporting. I really hope it wasn’t staff.

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Yes I should hope not. Well I thought it was informative and you helped me out mate :+1:

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Maybe someone working for Bloomberg

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