Difference in execution price and to what it says on the 1 minute chart

I was ordering stocks of Aston Martin Lagonda (AML) this morning at 10.31am and suddenly the price executed (80.90p) was above the price at that time (80.30p). Im just wondering why I was charged with 80.90 even though it didnt reach that level?

This thread :arrow_right: Help - Way overcharged for an order :arrow_left: might be able to answer your question, for a very similar subject. In short, prices can change at a fast pace, and using a Limit Order will lock in your price for no more than you set it. Using a Market Order opens up the risk to paying higher.

I lost over £120 on a sell earlier this morning due to market changing in the blink of an eye. Heart breaking but, education isn’t cheap :see_no_evil:

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Just checked on Tradingview, pretty unlucky. Worth looking at the detailed 1min charts before buying or selling.

@Cashurkash did you sell at 74? :see_no_evil: