PING STOCK(prices cents higher than the real price)

Hello, I’m seeing that for example with the stock PING, the higher it has got officially it’s 29.8$ but in t212, on 2 days, on the openings for a few seconds arrived to 30.40. Is it an error or for example if you put an order there , despite globally it has never been traded at that price your stop-buy order for example at 29.9 will have been executed?

In other stocks for example, TWLO yesterday officially the high was at 192.98n an in t212 it says 193.01.

Could you please explain it?

Thanks for your time

There were several discussions on the subject.

Not sure what you mean by “official”, what is the source of "official "?

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it could be that some trades occurred on T212 OTC rather than TOTV, which is why they aren’t reflected globally.

however, defaulting to the most likely answer, its just a difference in accuracy of data provided to T212 compared to the other charts you are viewing.

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but in terms of execution, is it posible to that stop order for example to be executed?

@jfarras Our equity charts display the BUY (ASK) price by default. Most publicly available sources use the last trade price, which, of course, is different from the ASK.


thanks, understood !