BP BUY disabled?

Whats the reasoning for this, it says:

‘BUY orders are temporarily restricted as per our intermediary. Awaiting further information.’

I dont see this on any others and BP is not a super volatile or high volume stock so curious? As I may wan to ad more with prices getting suppressed with the market.

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I have the same message!

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We have been investigating the matter ever since the complication arose and we’ve identified that the core of the problem lies within IB.

We are cooperating with them to find a reasonable solution in a timely manner.

As always, we’ll keep you posted for further updates.

Fair enough, I jokingly thought is it maybe just BP going MENTAL with their buybacks, although they are almost at the £500m limit already in recent weeks.

Good luck getting this lifted in the next 5 months…(IQST holder)

What are the problems/complications? And what does IB stand for??

Interactive Brokers who 212 partner with to allow us to trade.

And yet IB are not blocking buys if you go direct through them…

thats not a reason. why cant we buy one of the largest oil companies in the world. first the penny stocks now this

I think that’s the entire problem here they’re investigating.

Hey guys :wave:

Тhe restrictions have been lifted and trading will carry on as per usual. Enjoy!

Great stuff, cheers.

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I wonder what happened here, was @Hbomb orchestrating a mahoosive pump-and-dump scheme on a $60bn company, forcing the regulators and IB to step in to shut it down? :male_detective: :laughing: