Urgent help - new to trading

I’m having a bit of an issue as I intended to invest in the investing platform and not CFD. I’m trying to recover my funds, and I’ve closed the trades but my funds are still in blocked.

Any idea how and when I’ll recover them? I’ve made a profit, so that shouldn’t be an issue. I’d just urgently like them back to invest in a different way

Thanks in advance

Did you send the sell orders after the markets were already closed?

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well the price keeps changing and the market is currently still open just now for 2 of them. I’ve also arranged for the rest to sell when the market opens in an hour thanks for responding.

No problem. So if the markets are open and you’ve sent sell market orders then they should be executed immediately unless there’s a liquidity problem. If you’ve sent sell limit orders they’ll be executed when there’s a buyer at that price.

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This is baffling me,think im going to leave it before i mess things up even more and get back to it tomorrow morning but i really appreciate your help here tonight thanks again.

Anytime and pop back tomorrow if there’s still an issue, a member of staff might be around to look into your account for you with any luck

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Is there any staff available still need help thanks!

Last night I put my Sony ones for sale when it made a profit, I logged in today and it said order executed but it’s still in my blocked funds for some reason saying I have no withdrawals available

Are you saying that the blocked funds amount is the same now after the sale as it was yesterday before the sale?

Yeah it still keeps going up and down yesterday it was letting me withdraw £38, but it currently keeps going from £705-£708
It constantly keeps dropping then riding as if it’s not my money

That’s because you’re holding other equities in the account and the share price is fluctuating. It will only stop moving once the market closes or you sell everything. You funds are blocked to cover the amount required on margin and with equities that’s usually 20% of the current value of holdings. If you own other instruments with different margin requirements then the maths will be slightly more intricate

I work up this morning and I cannot withdraw anything it says I have no money although I did yesterday it’s confusing me so much sorry about this

Yeah so I’m just wanting you sell everything but every time I do that, it places them as open positions and nothing seems to sell even when the price is rising

Well I am aware of two ways to sell up, use the TP/SL instruction or hit the ‘X’ button at the end of the row of the corresponding trade and sell at market price. Have you hit the ‘X’ button and if so, what happens next?

No I’ve been paranoid to hit it incase something happens, so in all my open positions they all say sell, they’ve been like that for the past 12 hours, I just apparently sold one of those positions as the price was triggered it said. But it still states there is £708 in blocked funds and none available to withdraw

So should I hit the ‘x’ button to see what happens

Does it say ‘Sell’ under the heading ‘Direction’?

Yes, the quickest way to exit the trade is to use the X button and then say YES. Just beware that you will sell at the current market price but it sounds to me as if that’s what you want to do

I hit it and it said confirm close, I said yes then appeared you have bought ‘3 shares in Tesla’

I think you might have to tag in a staff member asap before all of this costs you too much money, it might be someone needs to go into your account to see what’s happening.

Do the TSLA shares now show in your ‘Open Positions’ column? And you did not previously have them in ‘Pending Orders’? Go to ‘Pending Orders’ now and make sure it is empty.

Also, the shares you confirmed close on, were they TSLA shares or something else?

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