BUG found for stock split

Hi, I have 8 apple shares after split now.

Before splits I had just over 2 apple shares in my only pie, NOTHING bought manually.

Now I have 5.7980925 bought manually and 2.2019075 in PIEs. (Bugged)
It should display that I have 8 shares all in pies.

BUT, my pie Apple value still equals to the value of the entire Apple portfolio (so 8 shares with nothing outside of pie)

Import/Exporting failed to work too.

I have seen the same. Maybe this is temporary and will be resolved Monday when new shares start to trade. It seems that if you had initially had X shares in a pie, and X>=0.25, you now have Y=Floor(4 X) - X shown as bought manually and X shown as in pie. But the pie shows value of all X+Y=Floor(4 X) as if Y has already been imported. You also have a bit of cash in the pie from selling X-Floor(4 X)/4 at old price. If X<0.25 you now have no shares, but cash in pie from selling X at old price.