Tesla/Apple Fractions sold with no History

My Tesla and Apple fractional shares have been sold after close on Friday which I expected. But I can’t see the transactions in History and Orders section, so that I can find out the exact amount I got from the sales, to put back into my pie for Monday.

Thanks for any help.

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Your AAPL/TSLA stock split amount appears under History-Deposits

Here is what mine looks like

Thanks I have found that but still doesn’t make sense, as I definitely had at least £40 in Apple, but this screen is only showing +£1.70?
I want to work out the exact amount I had in these companies before the split so I can put that back in on Monday


I’m the same I had about £200 in Tesla and only is showing £77 pounds in history, would of like to know some more info. Does the rest get reinvested on Monday?

Most likely on Monday yes when the market is open.

The amount showing in deposit history is the profit you made. The whole sum of money is either in your free funds or your pies cash. It won’t be automatically reinvested as far as I know, you can set an order yourself.

77 GBP is probably showing as profit.

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