Bug on Android app

There is a bug on my Android app with one share that I have purchased recently.

For whatever reason sometimes the price of it is in gray and not back like all the others. Also, whenever I add it to any watchlist it always dissapear from that list when I close the app.

See screenshot below for details:

I’ve noticed the grey, I think its showing its lost connection to the server. In a few moments I see the green banner on the bottom saying CONNECTED and goes back to black.

It doesn’t give me green bar. Also, it is only this share that has this issue (at least for me).

Would be great if this got fixed. It’s really annoying this one share always disappearing from the list.

Hi, noticed there was app update yesterday in UK, just wanted to let you know that on my end this issue is still present.

Strangely enough I have a similar issue with the same instrument on the Apple App and desktop website. No matter what list I save it to it disappears as soon as the program is closed.

C’on guys, its been months now. Surely this cannot be that hard?

@cavanhagan bumperino posterino

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Weird it’s never been fixed.

Guys I’m not sure if you have tried to fix this but after the last update it just got worse. Only happens with this equity.

I see the same thing for ABB on the desktop app.

Hard to see due to contrast but there should be a price on the right, rather than black boxes. Only noticed this recently. I’m guessing this is different to the originally-reported bug as I’ve never seen an issue with the charts.

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This must be hard bug to fix and you guys must be busy with all that’s going on but come on.

I’ll tag @Tony.V here because of his recent post “Focus on Quality”…

It seems that this case affects only this instrument in particular. Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple workaround we can employ at the moment.