Buy and forget security help

What is in your opinion the safest buy and forget security out there ?

I dislike bond ETFs as just looking at charts they don’t have that linear response I would expect… but of course they are a basket of bonds at different maturities so I guess it’s expected.

I just want to park some money without actively trading, but Bond ETFs seems too volatile for my taste… see even the VGOV chart or others…

Ideas ?

Ideally it would be something in EUR or USD base currency.


Treasuries and short term bonds/treasuries are one of the least volatile things out there, don’t know if you want to invest in them but if you really don’t want any volatility your options are savings account and money market funds. For short term bonds, ERNS ( iShares £ Ultrashort Bond UCITS ETF) may be an option but that may be too volatile for you as those are still corporate bonds.

Edit: you probably should realise anything these times which doesn’t have volatility probably has a negative real return.