Argo Blockchain Order Stuck On Modifying

@David Can you help with my order that is stuck on modifying for Argo Blockchain


same issue here. i was trying to modify the limit buy price of my order

It’s now below my limit order price, and it’s not executing. My limit order is 61 and 58

Just filled now… took forever

Had an order hanging for hours - markets closed.
Hoping it goes through in the morning.

What causes these delays?


@Alpha how is your ARB investment going? Have you taken any profits yet? It is a bit mad that T212 are blaming liquidity issues when it is trading 10mil shares in the first hour of the day.


maybe if they add the US OTC version of ARB which is ARBKF, we could buy the stock. it seems to have more liquidity there

Stuck on a pending order buying 6400 shares but order wont excute. Helpppp.

@David @Tony.V

This is crazy the order just got cancelled.

I had the same issue when attempting to purchase whole shares.

I set 1 order to purchase whole shares and the other to purchase a specific value of fractional shares.

The fractional shares have gone through fine but the whole shares did not.

Something else to bare in mind is that the orders will be processed at specifc times during the day (I think the times are roughly 0800/0900/1100/1400/1430/1630 but take these with a pinch of salt!) I know for sure that orders are processed at 1400 & 1430 as these are the times mine went through :slight_smile:

Now my orders been cancelled i have to get in at a higher price. When is this going to be sorted. Fairtrade and halifax are ordering fine.

@David @Tony.V


Another cancel again. Please can someone help and sort this issue out.

When will anyone read this need help urgently the price just keeps going up and will have to buy at higher price than intended.

Waiting to buy this for too long. I had the opportunity at 17p but avoided cause my order didnt went through then. Now im here again but still the same even with this volume


No profits taken yet, my ideal price is £2. £1 was my base case and it’s flown past so I’m not selling. £3 is my blue sky and really moves the needle for me in my life (house deposit) and just general portfolio. Good luck to anyone in this, 212 execution issues aside.

@Mcmalloch How’s things going for you buddy? Still holding those earlier shares?


Very nice - all the best with the deposit! Kicking myself for not getting in when I was initially going to because I was unfamiliar with crypto/blockchain etc.

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Cheers man, and same wanted to buy more but this one moved to quick & it’s prudent to take time to do your due diligence to get familiar so it’s fine

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It is reassuring to see somebody actually hold the stock in T212 as I am having some serious doubt on whether or not my order is going to be filled at all … It kind of worries me to think about what a PITA it will be trying to sell when it tank …


I took my costs off the table. But my average buy price is 7.12p. I can live with that

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