Argo Blockchain - unable to set limit stop

Trying to set a stop on Argo.

Current price 107, trying to set a limit of 92 but get the error message that the price is too far from the current price? Didn’t think 15 was far - want to avoid premature selling because of a temp blip.

Any way to fix this?


i’ve seen it move that much down then up in a couple of minutes (especially at market open). stop loss for illiquid stocks like this have burnt me in the past when it sells at the split second it drops, only for it to immediately bounce back up like nothing happened.
aside from the distance issue for T212, could set price alerts to let you know if its getting close to the stop you have in mind

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hi there
i have tried to buy argo blocchain multiple times in the last 2 weeks and the order NEVER fills. I am trying a simple market order so was willing to pay the going price.

any ideas?